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The EduQuakes column, which debuted in the July/August 1998 issue of SRL, is a flexible and diverse forum for issues and information relating to SSA's ongoing educational mission. The subject matter ranges over all fields of seismology, earthquake engineering, and related fields in public policy. The target audience for the educational material ranges from graduate students, undergraduates, and elementary and secondary school teachers and students to the general public and public officials. In other words, the entire spectrum of SSA activities and all educational levels are appropriate topics. Its format and contents varies among editorial remarks, information snippets, longer articles that focus on particular educational topics, and publication of invited and contributed columns from the seismological community. EduQuakes will take advantage of the growing use of the Web in education and the strong presence of SRL and the SSA in electronic materials. Comments, questions, information, suggestions, and even article contributions can be e-mailed to us at <>.

Columns: Eduquakes

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September/October 2014
Vol. 85, No. 5
The Australian Seismometers in Schools Network: Education, Outreach, Research, and Monitoring
Natalie J. Balfour, M. Salmon, and M. Sambridge
July/August 2014
Vol. 85, No. 4
The Game of Curiosity: Using Videogames to Cultivate Future Scientists
Debi Kilb, Daniel Rohrlick, Alan Yang, Yerrie Choo, Logan Ma, and Roxanne Ruzic
September/October 2013
Vol. 84, No. 5
Initiatives in Educating Future Architects in Earthquake Resistant Design Practices
Keya Mitra, Suresh Ailawadi, and Durgesh C. Rai
July/August 2013
Vol. 84, No. 4
An Educational Resource for Visualizing the Global Seismic Wave Field
Michael S. Thorne, H. Philip Crotwell, and Gunnar Jahnke
May/June 2013
Vol. 84, No. 3
Seismic Waves and Sound Waves: From Earthquakes to Music
Ingrid Hunstad, Antonella Marsili, Paolo Casale, Massimiliano Vallocchia, and Pierfrancesco Burrato
 Electronic Supplement: Slides illustrating the connection between earthquakes and music
September/October 2012
Vol. 83, No. 5
Sismos à l’Ecole: A Worldwide Network of Real-Time Seismometers in Schools
F. Courboulex, J. L. Berenguer, A. Tocheport, M. P. Bouin, E. Calais, Y. Esnault, C. Larroque, G. Nolet, and J. Virieux
March/April 2012
Vol. 83, No. 2
Listening to the 2011 Magnitude 9.0 Tohoku-Oki, Japan, Earthquake
Zhigang Peng, Chastity Aiken, Debi Kilb, David R. Shelly, and Bogdan Enescu
 Electronic Supplement: Six supplemental movies
January/February 2012
Vol. 83, No. 1
Quakecaster, an Earthquake Physics Demonstration and Exploration Tool
Kelsey Linton and Ross S. Stein
January/February 2011
Vol. 82, No. 1
How a Soccer Stadium Helps with an Education in Science and Seismology
Diego Melgar and Xyoli Pérez-Campos
May/June 2010
Vol. 81, No. 3
Seismology in Sport
Juan M. Lorenzo
July/August 2009
Vol. 80, No. 4
Student Guide: Making Waves by Visualizing Fourier Transformation
Robert Smalley, Jr.
 Electronic Supplement: Additional details of the mathematics.
November/December 2008
Vol. 79, No. 6
Shaking up the Lesson Plan
Adriana Raudzens Bailey with Anne Sheehan
 Electronic Supplement: Color photographs
September/October 2008
Vol. 79, No. 5
Using SeisMac to Turn Your Laptop into a Seismograph for Teaching
Michael Wysession, Michael Hubenthal, and John Taber
March/April 2008
Vol. 79, No. 2
MASE: Undergraduate Research and Outreach as Part of a Large Project
Xyoli Pérez-Campos
July/August 2007
Vol. 78, No. 4
Tele-operation Tools for Bench-scale Shake Tables for Instruction in Earthquake Engineering
Shirley Dyke, Richard Christenson, Zhaoshuo Jiang, Xiuyu Gao, and Zach Feinstein
May/June 2007
Vol. 78, No. 3
Educational Shake Tables
Rob Mellors and Robert de Groot
November/December 2006
Vol. 77, No. 6
Classroom Seismographs and the Challenge of Encouraging a Culture of Scientific Inquiry in K-12 Schools
Alan Kafka, John E. Ebel, Michael Barnett, Anastasia Macherides-Moulis, Leslie Campbell, and Steve E. Gordon
September/October 2006
Vol. 77, No. 5
Educational Software, DLESE, and the Future
Rob Mellors
May/June 2006
Vol. 77, No. 3
Wikipedia: A Plea for Help
Rob Mellors
March/April 2006
Vol. 77, No. 2
Tilly Smith and the Return of EduQuakes
Rob Mellors
November/December 2002
Vol. 73, No. 6
Watching the Weather Using a Seismograph
John E. Ebel
July/August 2001
Vol. 72, No. 4
How Not to Locate Earthquake Epicenters
Cinna Lomnitz
March/April 2001
Vol. 72, No. 2
How to Locate Epicenters
Larry J. Ruff
January/February 2001
Vol. 72, No. 1
PKIKP ... and Those Mysterious Precursors
Larry J. Ruff
November/December 2000
Vol. 71, No. 6
Earthquake Watch
Larry J. Ruff
July/August 2000
Vol. 71, No. 4
Seismology Laboratory Manual
Larry J. Ruff
May/June 2000
Vol. 71, No. 3
Earthquake Clusters: Global Conspiracy or Random Chance?
Larry J. Ruff
March/April 2000
Vol. 71, No. 2
Microearthquake Study of the Colorado Front Range: Combining Research and Teaching in Seismology
Anne F. Sheehan
January/February 2000
Vol. 71, No. 1
Shaking Down by the River
Larry J. Ruff
September/October 1999
Vol. 70, No. 5
Focus on Rays
Larry J. Ruff
July/August 1999
Vol. 70, No. 4
Earthquake Depth and pP
Larry J. Ruff
May/June 1999
Vol. 70, No. 3
OhioSeis & PS
Larry J. Ruff
March/April 1999
Vol. 70, No. 2
Dr. Quake Goes to High School
Alan L. Kafka
January/February 1999
Vol. 70, No. 1
Instructional Software for Seismology
Michelle Hall-Wallace
November/December 1998
Vol. 69, No. 6
Hurricane Season
Larry J. Ruff
September/October 1998
Vol. 69, No. 5
Learning from Exotic Sources
Larry J. Ruff
July/August 1998
Vol. 69, No. 4
Larry J. Ruff
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