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July/August 2015
Vol. 86, No. 4
Large-Scale Seismic Inversion Framework
Lion Krischer, Andreas Fichtner, Saule Zukauskaite, and Heiner Igel
July/August 2015
Vol. 86, No. 4
Peakmatch: A Java Program for Multiplet Analysis of Large Seismic Datasets
Mel Rodgers, Simon Rodgers, and Diana C. Roman
May/June 2015
Vol. 86, No. 3
Macroseismic Intensity Assessment Method for Web Questionnaires
Patrizia Tosi, Paola Sbarra, Valerio De Rubeis, and Clarissa Ferrari
 Electronic Supplement: Tables of questions and answers of the macro- seismic questionnaire, score matrices, and a figure showing a macroseismic field example.
May/June 2015
Vol. 86, No. 3
OASIS: The OGS Archive System of Instrumental Seismology
E. Priolo, G. Laurenzano, C. Barnaba, P. Bernardi, L. Moratto, and A. Spinelli
 Electronic Supplement: List of main seismological databases, OASIS database general schema, tables of networks and stations, and example station monography and extracted waveform time series.
March/April 2015
Vol. 86, No. 2A
Automated Detection of Long-Period Disturbances in Seismic Records; MouseTrap Code
Jiří Vackář, Jan Burjánek, and Jiří Zahradník
March/April 2015
Vol. 86, No. 2A
CAPjoint, A Computer Software Package for Joint Inversion of Moderate Earthquake Source Parameters with Local and Teleseismic Waveforms
Weiwen Chen, Sidao Ni, Hiroo Kanamori, Shengji Wei, Zhe Jia, and Lupei Zhu
 Electronic Supplement: CAPjoint software instructions.
January/February 2015
Vol. 86, No. 1
Metrics for Comparing Dynamic Earthquake Rupture Simulations
Michael Barall and Ruth A. Harris
 Electronic Supplement: Explanation of the concept of a dynamic rupture simulation.
November/December 2014
Vol. 85, No. 6
SRCMOD: An Online Database of Finite-Fault Rupture Models
P. Martin Mai and K. K. S. Thingbaijam
November/December 2014
Vol. 85, No. 6
Software for Efficient Static Dislocation-Traction Calculations in Fault Simulators
Andrew M. Bradley
 Electronic Supplement: Software packages with documentation.
September/October 2014
Vol. 85, No. 5
Filtering Wind in Infrasound Data by Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Roberto Carniel, Giuseppe Cabras, Mie Ichihara, and Minoru Takeo
July/August 2014
Vol. 85, No. 4
SEISMOTOOL: An Easy Way to See, Listen, and Analyze Seismograms
T. Chelidze, N. Zhukova, and T. Matcharashvili
 Electronic Supplement: Computer code (.exe) for processing of seismic records, with example seismograms.
July/August 2014
Vol. 85, No. 4
MSATSI: A MATLAB Package for Stress Inversion Combining Solid Classic Methodology, a New Simplified User-Handling, and a Visualization Tool
Patricia Martínez-Garzón, Grzegorz Kwiatek, Michèle Ickrath, and Marco Bohnhoff
 Electronic Supplement: Figures of complete stress inversion results.
July/August 2014
Vol. 85, No. 4
Pisces: A Practical Seismological Database Library in Python
Jonathan K. MacCarthy and Charlotte A. Rowe
May/June 2014
Vol. 85, No. 3
MSNoise, a Python Package for Monitoring Seismic Velocity Changes Using Ambient Seismic Noise
Thomas Lecocq, Corentin Caudron, and Florent Brenguier
May/June 2014
Vol. 85, No. 3
The AHEAD Portal: A Gateway to European Historical Earthquake Data
Mario Locati, Andrea Rovida, Paola Albini, and Massimiliano Stucchi
 Electronic Supplement: Table of macroseismic intensity symbols color codes
May/June 2014
Vol. 85, No. 3
RTQUAKE, A Real-Time Earthquake Detection System Integrated with SEISAN
T. Utheim, J. Havskov, M. Ozyazicioglu, J. Rodriguez, and E. Talavera
March/April 2014
Vol. 85, No. 2
A New ISC Service: The Bibliography of Seismic Events
D. Di Giacomo, D. A. Storchak, N. Safronova, P. Ozgo, J. Harris, R. Verney, and I. Bondár
 Electronic Supplement: Journals currently considered in the ISC Event Bibliography
January/February 2014
Vol. 85, No. 1
The Waveform Browser, an Interactive and Intuitive Tool for Exploring Seismic Event Data
Maximiliano J. Bezada
 Electronic Supplement: Technical details on running the Waveform Browser and format of the input variables, with Matlab, GUI and sample dataset files.
January/February 2014
Vol. 85, No. 1
Instrument Corrections by Time-Domain Deconvolution
J. F. Anderson and J. M. Lees
 Electronic Supplement: Script and input files illustrating the TDD Package
November/December 2013
Vol. 84, No. 6
The Hilbert-Huang Transform: A High Resolution Spectral Method for Nonlinear and Nonstationary Time Series
Daniel C. Bowman and Jonathan M. Lees
 Electronic Supplement: Color versions of spectrogram figures, R and hht code installation instructions with examples.
November/December 2013
Vol. 84, No. 6
Computer Programs in Seismology: An Evolving Tool for Instruction and Research
Robert B. Herrmann
September/October 2013
Vol. 84, No. 5
Public Release of the ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue (1900-2009)
Dmitry A. Storchak, Domenico Di Giacomo, István Bondár, E. Robert Engdahl, James Harris, William H. K. Lee, Antonio Villaseñor, and Peter Bormann
July/August 2013
Vol. 84, No. 4
Mole: An Open Near Real-Time Database-Centric Earthworm Subsystem
Matteo Quintiliani and Stefano Pintore
May/June 2013
Vol. 84, No. 3
ObsPyLoad: A Tool for Fully Automated Retrieval of Seismological Waveform Data
Chris Scheingraber, Kasra Hosseini, Robert Barsch, and Karin Sigloch
 Electronic Supplement: Installation instructions, additional figures.
January/February 2013
Vol. 84, No. 1
AIMBAT: A Python/Matplotlib Tool for Measuring Teleseismic Arrival Times
Xiaoting Lou, Suzan van der Lee, and Simon Lloyd
November/December 2012
Vol. 83, No. 6
EMERALD: A Web Application for Seismic Event Data Processing
John D. West and Matthew J. Fouch
September/October 2012
Vol. 83, No. 5
Causal Instrument Corrections for Short-Period and Broadband Seismometers
Matthew M. Haney, John Power, Michael West, and Paul Michaels
 Electronic Supplement: MATLAB code and data example for instrument correction demonstration
September/October 2012
Vol. 83, No. 5
Data Products at the IRIS DMC: Stepping Stones for Research and Other Applications
Chad Trabant, Alexander R. Hutko, Manochehr Bahavar, Richard Karstens, Timothy Ahern, and Richard Aster
July/August 2012
Vol. 83, No. 4
An Almost Fair Comparison Between Earthworm and SeisComp3
Marco Olivieri and John Clinton
July/August 2012
Vol. 83, No. 4
Estimating a Continuous Moho Surface for the California Unified Velocity Model
Carl Tape, Andreas Plesch, John H. Shaw, and Hersh Gilbert
 Electronic Supplement: Data files and plotting files for the estimated Moho surface
May/June 2012
Vol. 83, No. 3
MoPaD—Moment Tensor Plotting and Decomposition: A Tool for Graphical and Numerical Analysis of Seismic Moment Tensors
Lars Krieger and Sebastian Heimann
 Electronic Supplement: Software source code; examples; sample plots.
May/June 2012
Vol. 83, No. 3
FuncLab: A MATLAB Interactive Toolbox for Handling Receiver Function Datasets
Kevin C. Eagar and Matthew J. Fouch
March/April 2012
Vol. 83, No. 2
Listen, Watch, Learn: SeisSound Video Products
Debi Kilb, Zhigang Peng, David Simpson, Andrew Michael, Meghan Fisher, and Daniel Rohrlick
 Electronic Supplement: Sample SeisSound video products; MATLAB computer codes; sample data set.
September/October 2011
Vol. 82, No. 5
Community Online Resource for Statistical Seismicity Analysis
J. Douglas Zechar, Jeanne L. Hardebeck, Andrew J. Michael, Mark Naylor, Sandy Steacy, Stefan Wiemer, Jiancang Zhuang, and the CORSSA Working Group
May/June 2011
Vol. 82, No. 3
Earthquake Forecasting and Earthquake Prediction: Different Approaches for Obtaining the Best Model
Warner Marzocchi and J. Douglas Zechar
January/February 2011
Vol. 82, No. 1
The Waveform Suite: A Robust Platform for Manipulating Waveforms in MATLAB
Celso G. Reyes and Michael E. West
July/August 2010
Vol. 81, No. 4
Interactive Tremor Monitoring
Aaron G. Wech
May/June 2010
Vol. 81, No. 3
ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for Seismology
Moritz Beyreuther, Robert Barsch, Lion Krischer, Tobias Megies, Yannik Behr, and Joachim Wassermann
March/April 2010
Vol. 81, No. 2
OMG Earthquake! Can Twitter Improve Earthquake Response?
Paul Earle, Michelle Guy, Richard Buckmaster, Chris Ostrum, Scott Horvath, and Amy Vaughan
 Electronic Supplement: Listing of Twitter messages in the first 360 seconds following the 30 March 2009 Morgan Hill, California, magnitude 4.3 earthquake.
November/December 2009
Vol. 80, No. 6
WebSims: A Web-based System for Storage, Visualization, and Dissemination of Earthquake Ground-motion Simulations
Kim B. Olsen and Geoffrey Ely
May/June 2009
Vol. 80, No. 3
Upside-down Quakes: Displaying 3D Seismicity with Google Earth
Duncan Carr Agnew
March/April 2009
Vol. 80, No. 2
Traveltime Tables for iasp91 and ak135
J. Arthur Snoke
January/February 2009
Vol. 80, No. 1
The SCEC/USGS Dynamic Earthquake Rupture Code Verification Exercise
R. A. Harris et al.
November/December 2008
Vol. 79, No. 6
3-D Interdisciplinary Visualization: Tools for Scientific Analysis and Communication
A.M. Jacobs, D. Kilb, and G. Kent
 Electronic Supplement: QuickTime movies of data from the Lau Basin-Tonga Trench region that show how 2- and 3-D datasets of various types and spatial scales can be integrated in a 3-D visual environment; four interactive 3-D visualizations of data used in this study presented as IVS Fledermaus scene files; tables describing each dataset in the four scene files.
September/October 2008
Vol. 79, No. 5
ITACA (ITalian ACcelerometric Archive): A Web Portal for the Dissemination of Italian Strong-motion Data
L. Luzi, S. Hailemikael, D. Bindi, F. Pacor, F. Mele, and F. Sabetta
 Electronic Supplement: Additional information on the Italian strongmotion database.
July/August 2008
Vol. 79, No. 4
Use of Mobile Devices for Earthquake Response, Network Applications, and Diagnostics
David Slater, Ken Smith, Kent Lindquist, Robert L. Newman, Carol Freinkel, John Torrisi, and Glenn Biasi
May/June 2008
Vol. 79, No. 3
WiLSoN: The Wirelessly Linked Seismological Network and Its Application in the Middle American Subduction Experiment
Allen Husker, Igor Stubailo, Martin Lukac, Vinayak Naik, Richard Guy, Paul Davis, and Deborah Estrin
January/February 2008
Vol. 79, No. 1
The USGS Earthquake Notification Service (ENS): Customizable Notifications of Earthquakes around the Globe
Lisa A. Wald, David J. Wald, Stan Schwarz, Bruce Presgrave, Paul S. Earle, Eric Martinez, and David Oppenheimer
November/December 2007
Vol. 78, No. 6
The Antelope Interface to PHP and Applications: Web-based Real-time Monitoring
K.G. Lindquist, R.L. Newman, and F.L. Vernon
November/December 2006
Vol. 77, No. 6
SeisMac: Turn Your Apple Laptop into a Self-contained Seismograph
Daniel T. Griscom
November/December 2005
Vol. 76, No. 6
Automated Receiver Function Processing
Thomas J. Owens and H. Philip Crotwell
September/October 2005
Vol. 76, No. 5
Over the Network and to the Grid...; Grid Computing in the SCEC Community Modeling Environment
Thomas J. Owens, Philip Maechling, Vipin Gupta, Nitin Gupta, Edward H. Field, David Okaya, and Thomas H. Jordan
March/April 2005
Vol. 76, No. 2
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions; Seismic Hazard Analysis Using Distributed Computing in the SCEC Community Modeling Environment
Thomas J. Owens, Philip Maechling, Vipin Gupta, Nitin Gupta, Edward H. Field, David Okaya, and Thomas H. Jordan
July/August 2004
Vol. 75, No. 4
The Fruits of FISSURES Ripen; SOD: Standing Order for Data
Thomas J. Owens, H. Philip Crotwell, Charles Groves, and Philip Oliver-Paul
May/June 2004
Vol. 75, No. 3
Group Therapy for Seismological Data Collectors; Data Integration from the Scientific Community and CTBTO: The Italian NDC Experience with Antelope
Thomas J. Owens, Damiano Pesaresi, and Nikolaus Horn
March/April 2004
Vol. 75, No. 2
Practical Problem-solving in Seismology; SAFE-Tools: A Web-based Application for Identification of Active Faults
Thomas J. Owens, B. Moreno, K. Atakan, K. A. Furulokken, S. Temel, and O. J. Berland
September/October 2003
Vol. 74, No. 5
It’s All about Time; Evaluating the Network Time Protocol (NTP) for Timing in the South Carolina Earth Physics Project (SCEPP)
Thomas J. Owens, Andrew Frassetto, and Philip Crotwell
July/August 2003
Vol. 74, No. 4
Cyberinfrastructure?; GEON (GEOscience Network: A First Step in Creating Cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences
Thomas J. Owens and G. Randy Keller
May/June 2003
Vol. 74, No. 3
The SCEC Community Modeling Environment: An Information Infrastructure for System-level Earthquake Science
Thomas H. Jordan, Philip J. Maechling, and SCEC/CME Collaboration
January/February 2003
Vol. 74, No. 1
Of Drums and Needles ... Disappearing Icons of Seismology?; Simulating a Mechanical Pen Recorder with a Computer Program; A Computer Helicorder Program for School Seismometers; Real-time Viewing with the Global Earthquake Explorer; Don’t panic! The paperless age is a good thing.
Thomas J. Owens, R. F. Mereu, Alan J. Jones, J. Philip Crotwell, and Mitch Withers
July/August 2002
Vol. 73, No. 4
Logout and Login; News Flash ... Information Technology Is Here to Stay!
Steve Malone and Thomas J. Owens
May/June 2002
Vol. 73, No. 3
Are We Ready for the Great Flood?
Thomas J. Owens
March/April 2002
Vol. 73, No. 2
Real-time Data Exchange (revisited)
Steve Malone
January/February 2002
Vol. 73, No. 1
SeisWeb: A Client-server-architecture-based Interactive Processing Tool for Earthquake Analysis
B. Moreno, L. Ottemoller, J. Havskov, and K. A. Olsen
May/June 2001
Vol. 72, No. 3
A Software Package to Analyze Seismicity: ZMAP
Stefan Wiemer
January/February 2001
Vol. 72, No. 1
SeisLog Data Acquisition Systems
T. Utheim, J. Havskov, and Y. Natvik
September/October 2000
Vol. 71, No. 5
The ORFEUS Java Workshop: Distributed Computing in Earthquake Seismology
Anthony Lomax
July/August 2000
Vol. 71, No. 4
Network Operations Transitions to Antelope at the Nevada Seismological Laboratory
D. H. von Seggern, G. P. Biasi, and K. D. Smith
May/June 2000
Vol. 71, No. 3
Rapid Distribution of Earthquake Information for Everybody
Alan Jones, Andy Michael, Bob Simpson, Stephen Jacob, and David Oppenheimer
January/February 2000
Vol. 71, No. 1
Waves4U: Waveform Availability through AudoDRM’s
Urs Kradolfer
September/October 1999
Vol. 70, No. 5
SeisAn Earthquake Analysis Software
Jens Havskov and Lars Ottemöller
July/August 1999
Vol. 70, No. 4
Seismic Network Recording and Processing Systems (continued)
Steve Malone
March/April 1999
Vol. 70, No. 2
Seismic Network Recording and Processing Systems I
Steve Malone
January/February 1999
Vol. 70, No. 1
WebWEED and TauP: Java and Seismology
John Winchester and Philip Crotwell
September/October 1998
Vol. 69, No. 5
Of Cathedrals, Bazaars, and Worms
Steve Malone
May/June 1998
Vol. 69, No. 3
What's New in SAC2000? Enhanced Processing and Database Access
Peter Goldstein, Doug Dodge, Mike Firpo, and Stan Ruppert
January/February 1998
Vol. 69, No. 1
The GIANT Analysis System (Graphical Interactive Aftershock Network Toolbox)
Andreas Rietbrock and Frank Scherbaum
November/December 1997
Vol. 68, No. 6
ORFEUS Seismological Software Library
Torild van Eck
September/October 1997
Vol. 68, No. 5
Surfing the Internet for Strong-motion Data
David Wald
July/August 1997
Vol. 68, No. 4
Electronic Seismologist goes to FISSURES
Steve Malone
March/April 1997
Vol. 68, No. 2
Formats; MATLAB-based Analysis Programs; MatSeis: A Seismic GUI and Tool-box for MATLAB; CORAL
Steve Malone, Mark Harris, Chris Young, and Ken Creager
January/February 1997
Vol. 68, No. 1
The IDA Near Real Time System
Jonathan Berger and David Chavez
November/December 1996
Vol. 67, No. 6
"Near" Real-time Seismology
Steve Malone
September/October 1996
Vol. 67, No. 5
SPYDERS(tm) on the Internet
Steve Malone
July/August 1996
Vol. 67, No. 4
Electronic Seismologist. AutoDRM--The First Five Years
Urs Kradolfer
May/June 1996
Vol. 67, No. 3
The IRIS Data Management Center
Tim Ahern
January/February 1996
Vol. 67, No. 1
The International Internet-Global Connectivity
Steve Malone
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